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RM850x PSU blew up/no support ticket in account

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Beginning this week I added an RTX 4080 to my rig, but then the PSU blew up. A flash and smoke and even tripping my appartment's breakers,not good at all.

I have no clue how it could happen, the PSU worked brilliantly for 6 months until I added a GPU. Would anyone know what went wrong or can cause something like this? Could I have connected the cables wrong?


I filed and RMA ticket and there is supposed to be a 2 -3 days reply window. I haven't heard anything now on the third day, but I also don't see any support ticket in my account. Is there any Corsair employee that can help me figure if the ticket has actually been submitted correctly? (I did receive a confirmation email).

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that kind of catastrophic failure usually doesn't come from the low voltage side. It's more likely something on the primary side, on line voltage.

Do you by any chance flip the PSU switch when you turn off the PC? that kills PSUs very fast and is often the cause of these failures.

otherwise... probably just a bad unit yea.

For response time, there were longer delays before the holidays, so they are probably still working through the backlog now.

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I have been seeing reports of blown PSUs when people switch them off indeed, that is something I never do. Though the PC was turned off during 2 weeks when away for holidays. Initially it started up fine, then later that day when adding the GPU it said poof.

I hope customer service comes through within a reasonable period (either a replacement or just my own fault), it hurts seeing the main rig in this non-functioning state...

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