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HS80 mic issue - turns off

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In October 2022 I ve purchased a HS80 Headset.

It worked well for about 1 month and after I ve experienced a really weird issue - then I pull down the microphone, it turns on, I hear voice saying "Mic on, feedback off" and starts working, but in a really random amount of time, sometimes in a seconds, sometimes in a minutes, it is turning off while still being pulled down and while I am talking on discord, Skype or any other program.

I just hear voice saying "Mic off, feedback off" and see a red led indicator on top of it, no matter, that it is still pulled down in "ON" position.

This is really bad issue, cause, then I purchased HS80, I did this not only to use this as a pair of headphones, but to use this as a communication or gaming device, which I am not able to do with microphone randomly turning off.

I ve made a support ticket nr. 2005823849 on 26.12.2022, however, still have no feedback or any reaction from Corsair.

I tried to:

Reinstall all drivers
Reinstall iCUE

Update HS80 and token stick firmware

Connect my HS80 to other computer

and even tried to turn microphone while my PC was in BIOS (it turned on, showing me white led signal and in a random amount of seconds turned red).

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Today, 23.01.2023 I ve got a a replacement from Corsair and it seems, that new HS80 Headset does not have this issue.
Thank you for solving this for me.

The replacement was dellivered in less than a week.

Nice speed!


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