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Corsair Scimitar and Mac OS , on a Mac m1 ultra

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Hi everyone, I have purchased a corsair Scimitar to play Wow, but the corsair driver ICUE is pretty messy for me, coming from logitech and Razer, I find it way more complet, but hard to master.

To be able to self cast on wow I wanted to put Shift key to one of the mouse scimitar. I saw that with the keyboard classic attribution , is it because I use a Logitech G915 ?

Anyway I ordered a K100 , will it solve the problem ?

Sorry for my English, it is not my native

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What exactly is the issue you are experiencing with the mouse and the button remap?  

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Posted (edited)

I cant put a modifier like shift on one of the mouse key.

I am not even able to make a back "shortcut" for safari on the mouse for my working profile.

I am able to remap for a classical keyboard key tho , that's a start 😛

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