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Can anyone identify this AIO?

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I bought a used C70 case and the dude included some other components. One of the included pieces was this Corsair 240mm AIO. The case had 3 purple LED Corsair 120mm fans and 2 regular black 120mm fans, so I'm inclined to think the purple LED fans were case fans and the black ones went with the AIO. 

I'm thinking it's something like an H100 but it has no model number that I can find and seemingly nothing that I can use to distinguish it. It has a mini (not micro) USB port that appears to go to an internal 2.0 header. The cable was missing but I bought one in eBay and connected it.

It seems to be working great, although my 6600K isn't pushing it very hard even with a solid 4.5 GHz OC. The thing is, it sn't appearing in iCue, even the "legacy" one. The RGB lights appear to be stuck on green- unless it's just green LED- and I'd really like to change that if possible.

Maybe this all came as a pre-built at some point way back in the day? But it's hard to imagine purple LED chassis fans being included with a green LED AIO. The other included components were an Asus Prime Z97 and a 4790K with some DDR3, an OCZ PSU,, and the DVD drives . I'm guessing that dates this while system to sometime around the mid-2010s... maybe this helps identify the AIO?

Can anyone identify this AIO or give me any suggestions for changing the color (or tell me definitely it's only a green LED and can't be changed)?

I'm fixing to upgrade to a 11600K and a Z590 so I'd like to bring the AIO to the new system if possible. However, superficial as it is, green isn't really the color scheme I'm going for with the few system, so I might move it to another system if it's stuck on green lol. 







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Original Corsair “H100i” (no pro/plat/XT/elite modifiers). It probably should be detected on CUE 3.38, but not CUE 4. It’s a 2013 release. should have very loud grey fans. Black fans likely a replacement. There used to be some purple AF120 LED and SP-LED fans back then.  I can’t quite see the blade structure. AF are thin raked blades. SP are fatter and wider. Those are DC motors and won’t work on the H100i’s controller so likely connected to the motherboard for power/control. 


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