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k100 mk2

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i think corsair should make a mk2 of the k100, can you replace the button (on control wheel) with an LCD display, users could use it as a fingerprint reader/login/authenticator (like YubiKey), display function(user can name it), when you turn the wheel/press the screen (would show on nexus), show CPU/GPU temps among other things, do you guys agree?

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Actually, adding a fingerprint reader here along with allowing it to be used by the OS for FIDO2 and secondary authentication for systems that don't use full FIDO2 would be quite a coup in the gaming keyboard world, since the world is moving toward passwordless login in the next few years anyway. Might as well beat your competition to the punch! (It would take some thought to figure out how to deal with an RMA'd or replaced keyboard, though. That's probably the biggest hurdle to FIDO2 built into a device.)


The screen idea is cool, too, but as an alternative to making the center of the dial a screen, you could just build in a screen along the top of the keyboard similar to the iCUE NEXUS and save having to add a second device/cable, etc.

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18 minutes ago, Cmdr Koenig said:

Before they even make a MK2 of this keyboard, they should first fix the current iteration. Fix the firmware and fix the Elgato integration.

Apparently, there was a Stream Deck software update released around 10 Feb that fixed the G-Key integration. Just need the firmware fix for the freezing.

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