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Power supply & Commander Pro Issues

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My rig has been fine for 2 years approx, until a week and a half ago.  I've updated my case and memory about a month ago.  I've updated all specs in my profile.  I have updated bios and all software there is. I am having two issues at this point.  When I hit the power button, the system fires up as usual, fans spin up and RGB lights up, but only for 1/2 second, then there's a loud click from the PSU and system shuts down. The motherboard RGB is still going at this point, so the PSU isn't completely off. After 1/2 second of silence, then another loud click from the PSU and the system will normally post, as usual. On occasion this has happened up to three or four times, that makes windows mad during the boot sequence and it goes into an auto repair mode before loading again.  The System as I've built it was said to require a 650 watt supply, I am running a 750 watt supply.  it's been fine for 2 years, Corsair warranty is 5 years, but I have no experience with part failures/RMA process. 

The second issue I'm having is my ICUE is acting strange and may have been caused by the PSU switching off & on.  When I am in windows, I keep hearing the chime sound as if I removed a USB device, and then the chime sounds again as if I plugged in a USB device.  It goes on for a long period, repeating. The reason I discovered it is ICUE related, I was in the home screen of ICUE and suddenly the chime sounded and my Commander Pro disappeared from the home screen, the chime sounded again and the Commander Pro reappeared.  I watched it happen a few times.  I powered everything down and checked all connections.  The commander has a warm spot towards one end of the device.  I believe something has happened to my Commander Pro.  I disconnected the Commander Pro to see if it was causing a PSU overload, but it still does it's click/shutdown thing, but it was worth a shot to isolate it.  

Sorry my detailed explanation has gotten so long.  Thanks for reading.  I appreciate any guidance you can provide.  


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I fixed my ICUE issue.  I was skeptical of the  Commander Pro mainly because it seemed to have a warm to the touch spot in one area and nowhere else.  I removed the Commander Pro and replaced it with a Commander XT, I also had one fan's RGB disconnected - the only thing the fan lighting would do is give one dim blue led and one dim green led each from the center and none from the outer ring.  New fan fixed the lighting issue and The XT corrected the chiming and disappearing ICUE components.  All fans & Lighting work as desired now. 

 The PSU issue remains, but I now see it's a problem for another thread. 

I saw several read of my woes, thanks for your time.


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