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custom water cooling (custom loop)

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Hello guys am starting to build my first custom loop pc, and i would like to ask what type of power supply do i really need? in this moment i have the corsair Rm580x. is it enough or i should buy a new one around 1000w?

thank you so much  :) 

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A typical DD5 pump at maximum might draw 25-30W, so it's not really a large factor in determining what you need for the PSU.  CPU and GPU have a much larger portion of the total power consumption.  Those devices will determine what you need.  

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One other thing to consider.  Your typical pump uses a molex or SATA connector for power and then you usually wind up with several more SATA connections for RGB, fan controllers, plus your actual SSDs or drives.  I am pretty sure you meant you have a RM850x which has several SATA sockets, each with multiple SATA ports.  However, if you have something in the lower PSU power class like a 550 or 600W PSU, often there are not enough SATA/molex connections for a complex water + RGB system.  

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