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How Does iQue know the temps?

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Hello Everyone,  How does iQue know the temps for my GPU, CPU, Motherboard and SSD?

Using MSI Edge DDR5 Motherboard,  i've installed no heat sensors.

Installed is a H100I Elite Capellix AIO, 3x "LL RGB Series Fans" and 3x "8-Led Series Fans" all connected to the Commander Pro.

My GPU is a 2080 TI Aorus, no heat sensors.

My SSD is a Samsumg Pro 980.

iQue shows temps of mother board, gpu, cpu, memory, ssd.  How does iQue know this or are the temps fake?




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Are the temps "fake"?  No.  CUE uses the CPUID SDK to fetch this data from the motherboard's reporting registers.  GPU data comes via the Nvidia driver reporting.  They are not randomly generated data to fill space.  However, some motherboards make their data difficult to access or in a way the CPUID program can't interpret and this will present strange values.  The motherboard temperature section is the most likely to be impacted and some boards are more difficult than others (Asus).  It's not uncommon to see duplicates or occasionally clearly wrong readings like 0 or 216C.  You can use something like HWMonitor that also uses the same SDK to try and figure out exactly what register is being reported or you may have more luck with something like HWinfo that has a massive amount of data.  

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every device has built in temperature sensors, for their own control and safety. iCUE just reads them. 

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