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HELP! IC7-G & Twinx4000 problems

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Can anyone help me with my problems, it's starting to drive me crazy. Firstly, let me layout my system. :(:


Abit IC7-G (2.8 bios)

P4 3.2 HT Northwood @ 1.570v

Twinx4000 1024 kit (2x512) @ 2.8V

250Gb SATA


O.C.Z Powerstream 520W PSU

Asetek Waterkit with Blackice Extreme RAD


My problem is i can't run the system at no where near the OC i should, if the FSB is set to anything about 225, the machine won't even POST.


I checked the RAM using Memtest86, and i've replaced various parts over the past month with repalcement CPU and PSU


RAM is running 3-4-4-8 and the GAT is set to A-A-A-D-D. I've tried disabling HT, increasing CPU voltage and the AGP/PCI is set at 66Mhz


I've basically tried everything i can think of and still can't figure out what's happening. The only componet left not changed is the MOBO itself. :confused:


any help is appreciated :sigh!:



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At 225 fsb, your northwood is going to need vcore from 1.6v to 1.65v. Don't expect much more - thats not a very good overclocking cpu. You might get 3.7 using watercooling but it will take at least 1.7vcore to get there (not recommended). It is screaming fast if you can get it stable at 3.6ghz though.


What are your stock ram timings? 3-4-4-8 seems pretty loose for running underclocked.

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I've had my 3.0 northwood running at 240 FSB with 1.6 at 3600Mhz no problem, so i expected the 3.2 do better, couldn't even match the 3.0???


the memory timings i've left at the default corsair speeds, what would you recommend?


cheers, JaSeW

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After further testing it appears the RAM is at fault, borrowed some fairly standard PC3200 ram as a test and generally the PC ran better and even managed to get the FSB higher than i'd ever done with mine :(:


So looks like i'll need to get the ram changed...

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