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Software ICUE and Headphone charging

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Hi everyone,
at Christmas I received some corsair components as a gift (the MM700RGB mouse pad, the M65PRO mouse, the K70RGB keyboard, the Hs80 RGB headphones and the ST100 RGB stand).

The products work fine, but I have two problems:

1. If I use the ICUE software, setting the murals MONITOR, after a few minutes the mouse and keyboard, which I have connected to the USB ports of the mat, disconnect.
It doesn't happen with other types of murals.
The mat is connected to a USB 3.0.

2. The headphones are charging but the charge never seems to finish... the headphones are connected to the stand, and the stand is also connected to a USB 3.0 port, but it has been charging for more than three hours "red"... is it possible that it takes so much to recharge them?

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1) That's possible.  Murals is still in development and stuff like video lighting is going to be the most complicated.  Someone else may have reported it in the Murals thread or you can add your own observations.  Not sure if that is a hardware limit on the amount of data that can be passed through the mat or a software limitation on the video lighting.  Probably something worthy of discussion for everyone.  



2) I suspect this is going to be a result of trying to charge through the ST100 and your motherboard does not recognize it as a "charging device".  Most of them have USB specific behavior for when it detects a device that needs to be charged and it increases power based on USB connection type.  Make sure the ST100 is connected to a rear USB 3 port.  It can be hard to tell them apart, but either way try a different port.  You can check in your BIOS for the default USB charging behavior, but most are turned on by default.  That setting is surely buried in a deep corner of the BIOS.  

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