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4000D Airflow Front panel Audio Problem

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I have recently bought a the case but after connecting the everything I plugged my headset into the front panel audio (the speaker+mic combo) and the sound is horrible.

I tried plugging into the back of the motherboard and it sounds great. Did anyone else experience a bad audio from the front panel connector? I noticed in Realtek Audio Console that the front audio connection does not play it as Stereo even though it shows it as such. When I click the left side to test, It plays it in both and loud, but the right side is barely hearable but also plays in both sides. And of course the balance option does not change anything, still plays in both sides.

Also tried with other motherboards to test it, and nothing, still sounds bad. So it must be the cable/plug provided by the case...

Tried endless amounts of drivers and nothing helps.


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Did you get any further on this? I'm having a similar problem. I can control the EQ in Realtek when connected directly to the MOBO, but not when headphones plugged into jack on the front panel.

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I found a solution for my situation. This thread suggested removing the devices in Device Manager and rebooting. I didn't have to reinstall anything; Windows reinstalled the devices when rebooting. That did it for me.

I'm guessing this has something to do with my taking the MOBO plus existing drive (with Windows 11 already installed) and moving from my old Thermaltake case to the 4000D.

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