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HS60 Pro USB Adapter - Broken?

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The Adapter, since I got it two or so years ago, has always failed to continuously work. It can disconnect out of nowhere despite remaining in the USB port. It vanishes from the audio choice menu on my PC (Windows 10). I can unplug and replug it to have it work, but it will repeat the issue after some time again. I cannot update it or anything, so I would like to know what my issue is. I don't want to keep using it without the USB adapter, as it's presented some issues with apps I use.

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Hey Bubblegum,

Would just like to chime in and bump this thread that I had the exact same issue too, only my new headset out of the box doesn't work in the right ear.

If you search across the internet, a ton of people seem to be having issues and it seems to be universal: the Corsair adapter. People can test if its the adapter or headphone by unplugging the adapter and using the HS60 as a simple pair of headphones without the adapter. I'm willing to bet if you did that, your issues would stop too. (Though unfortunately losing the headset's ability to work as a communication device makes the point of buying the thing redundant.)

Shame on Corsair for designing a headset but not product testing the supplemental accessories that it requires to work!

I bet what's happening is the adapter is a cheap component that's damaged from heat, but an online business whose product relies on its products surviving transportation, its bad.

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