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H100I Elite CPU Cooler - Is the LCD screen meant to move or be fixed?

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I have a beautiful pre-built system that is 6 months old. Ever since I've had the system i keep running into over heating problems with H100I Elite.

I've been really hesitant to hardcore game on it and my anxiety about it all is unrealistically bad. I realise i need to learn more and my rig is built to play intensive games. It's about time i enjoy it for that!



I've found at least once a month it's over heated since July 2022. I live with a dog and thought maybe that n the dust. When it overheats i wait two hours and use compressed air to remove some dust, and i check connectors all feel snug. This has worked each time.

For New Years i thought id de-dust before it errors and finally hardcore game with Elden Ring. My genius de-dusting plan caused the problem when i turned it on!


The problem:

I turn the PC on, the LCD Display shows a red triangle and iCue software thinks its a Commander Core. There are no error messages in the software but i see within iCUE software dashboard the Motherboard is at 90-100 Degrees I panic and shut it down. (The very first month when it overheated I did get an iCUE Pump Failure message but i have never had an iCUE software error message again in the last 5 months.)

For New Years when I had the problem I decided to check the cables feel secure and although i didn't notice anything loose it seemed to fix it. 

New Years day i was gaming a non demanding game (Anxiety high that i might perma damage my machine if i play Elden Ring) and after 6 hours it overheats. I wait my two hours with PC off, same overheating error when i turn it on. I check the same cables and this time i noticed the LCD cube part moved a little so i pushed the cube square on and this has now corrected the issue. 


I'm now thinking it's probably more likely that when it overheated in the past and i de-dusted i also pushed this cube back in place when i was checking everything is snug. And it makes sense to me that my PC is suspectable to it happening as i can knock the tower a little with my monitor clamp arm when I'm moving the screens.

Is the LCD cube meant to move? I can lift it off a bit too but was scared to test if it comes right off. (It's like the top part where the screen is that plastic casing lifts n moves)

Appreciate anyone who takes the time to read. Thank you.

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