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H150i RGB Platinum - Wrong Temps displayed

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The display on my H150i CPU cooler never goes above 39c. During a heavy Cinebench stress tests on my i9 13900k the temp display max'd out at 40c.( "H150i Elite LCD Coolant Temp") 

My mother board's Q-code display is set to show the CPU temp when the PC is running. During stress tests is shows 88c on the CPU, which is a temp I would expect, but again, the corsair display and the iCue software says 35-39c in these moments.

Good news is the cooler must be working properly if the true temp stayed under 90c during a stress test. Also, I could hear it wind up pretty heavily during the stress test. 

Side note - the corsair cpu cooler display shows a warning symbol when the PC first boots up (red triangle with exclamation point). Once the OS loads the warning symbol goes away and it displays the typical icue stuff.


thoughts? help?

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the H150i temp as it says is the coolant temp, the water temperature. It's different from the CPU temperature.

CPU temperature is the temperature of the silicon under the IHS. the IHS itself is slightly colder, but the water temp is always a lot colder.

It takes a lot of energy to warm up the water, which is why it climbs a lot slower, despite the CPU being loaded. 40°C max is actually pretty good.

That big difference between water and CPU temp is due mostly to the vcore applied to the CPU, and in small part to the efficiency of the cold plate on the CPU block. to reduce it, you'd have to tweak a bit the CPU settings, but if you manage 90 tops, it's alright as it is.

So yea, that's normal, you were just comparing apples and oranges 🙂 

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