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150i elite LCD cooler's RGB fans not lighting up

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I have just built a new pc with the 5000T Icue RGB case and the 150i elite LCD CPU cooler and a ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI ROG Z790e motherboard.
The problem is that cooling fans are running well, elite LCD screen is working well, but the 3 rgb fans of the cooler are not lighting up.

However, when I connect the cooler's rgb fans to the 5000T case's commander core on the RGB hub, it is working perfectly and I can control cooler's rgb fans threw Icue software.

Do you have any idea why the cooler's commander core's  RGB hub is not working ?

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Go back and re-run the RGB detection Wizard for the Commander Core with the fans connected on the RGB side. Both the Commander Core and XT use an auto-detect at power on while also having individual RGB headers, unlike the other serial Corsair controllers. So it can miss on the auto-detect, but a total RGB failure across all headers that somehow doesn’t affect anything else is not common. 

If it still won’t go, try manually setting the Lighting Setup configuration. 

Last ditch attempt, shutdown the pc and flip the PSU off. Wait 30 seconds then start up normally. This will force the controllers to do a deep reboot. Might make sense to start with this as you move the RGB headers back. 

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I tried to deep reboot but still nothing.

Where can I re-run that manual rgb detection ? I didn't find 😕 

I can see both Commander Core and Core XT in my windows bluetooh and others devices menu by the way, but not in the icue 😕 

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3 hours ago, Oohunteer said:

I can see both Commander Core and Core XT in my windows bluetooh and others devices menu by the way, but not in the icue

And that means you can't run RGB detection.  It also means this is the typical USB detection issue and not hardware issues with the fans or controllers.  This is not a common issue on Z790 motherboards, unlike the direct predecessor.


Where most users run into problems is trying to get the Commander Core + Commander XT + LCD top detected all at the same time.  It is meant to work with the Com XT directly connected to the MB and the Com Core and LCD top sharing a USB splitter and their own direct connection.  Most boards have 2 USB 9 pin internal connectors at the most.  You can try connecting each one individually to see if it detected on either of the USB 2 internals.  Don't use the USB passthrough on the Com XT.  It is not likely to work, but if you have tried everything else you may as well.  

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Problem solved, in fact I was confused I thought I should see a "Commander Core" in the ICUE home menu which list icue devices, but in fact everything is in the "H150i elite lcd" device, and inside I did a automatic detection, rgb fans are now lighting 🙂 

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That's correct.  When the pump is connected to the Commander Core via that wide cable on the side, it puts it into "AIO Mode" and will show the pump picture instead of a "Commander" device.  The LCD top then supersedes that and becomes the device picture.  All the Commander Core controls are folded into the same device tab with the AIO specific controls.  If you were to use it without the pump connected and some other CPU cooling method, then it becomes a regular Commander Core and shows up like the XT instead.  This is actually a problem for some users when they boot up and see the Commander Core when they should not.  If you do see it, then the pump top is not being detected properly.  


You have a couple of unique parameters in this set set-up.  You must use the Commander XT to make the special case strip lighting work and you must use the Commander Core to make the pump/LCD top work.  

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