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K100 Air Keyboard Slow wakeup time from Sleep

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Hey I haven't seen this anywhere and maybe because this only an issue that I am having on my end.  I am coming fcroma logitech g915 wireless and was wondering why the time it takes from from the keyboard sleeping takes some time. On the logitech the first key I press is immeditely sent. On the k100 air I have to press one key first to wake it up, then the same key or another key to actully start typing. Is this an issue on my end or simply an issue with the keyboard? Cna this issue be fixed ina  software update by any chance?

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I have this same keyboard as of a few days ago and am experiencing the same problem.  I also have two G915 wireless keyboards and like you see no delay whatsoever.

I have not dug around the new iCUE software and K100 AIR specific settings, though.  I'm assuming it's something I have not enabled/disabled but thought I'd comment here since you seem to have had no response to the original question.

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Just bought a K100 Air, coming from Logitech MX Keys.  This drives me nuts.  If there is a setting that can fix it, please let me know.  I miss the first letter or two of what I type several times a day.

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