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I have newly built computer, I am seeing CPU temp fluctuating between 44c to 66c. the computer is not under any load so wondering.
I am using an AIO cooler from Corsair which in previous builds has been fine (was using i9 9900)
  • Intel 13900k
  • Corsair h100i elite lcd (x2 120mm fans)
When gaming I have seen CPU temps rise to 90c max - but mostly averaging around the 85C mark.
I am running fans at full RPM right now and coolant temp is 33c and CPU package temp is 44c. when I run the fans in quiet mode the CPU temp averages 50c - 60c
Should I update the cooler to include more and larger fans ? appreciate any help or guidance.
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3 hours ago, andsteven said:

CPU temp fluctuating between 44c to 66c

Not typical 13900K behavior.  However, there are two possible underlying causes.  The first is general CPU activity.  The cores never really sit still and you have a lot of them.  Quit CUE from the task bar and open up something like HWinfo.  You'll need to expand some sections out, but you can see detailed per core clocks, temps, and CPU power levels.  If the CPU is sitting down at 16W and the package reads 45C+, then you likely don't have great physical contact between CPU lid and cold plate.  If the watts are moving all over the place, then the CPU is doing something and it's time find out what.  While you are in there, right click on the H100i Elite Capeliix header in HWinfo and disable the monitoring.  Do the same for the fan controller section if there.  This will let you run HWINFO at the same time as CUE without getting the programs entangled.  


85C for gaming is high, but you could get there running any of the standard 'preset' MB overclocks a lot of board makers set as default in the BIOS.  Much easier to investigate the idle behavior.

Screenshot (22).png

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Thanks for this.  the CPU package is between 44 - 50 and package power is 50W when not gaming.

I ended undervolting the CPU by negative offset of 0.065v and running Cinebench R23 the CPU package max is 72c with 167W which is much better -  I now play gaming with ultra settings and CPU package never goes above 60c.



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OK, good.  I think this is just a matter of tweaking power behavior settings in the BIOS to preference.  Most of these boards lean toward aggressive out of the box to help with comparative performance reviews.  Fortunately most of the mid to upper boards give you tools to tweak things as you need.  

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