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Error clean installing iCUESetup_4.31.168: InstallerGUI, Qt5Positioning.dll


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I get this error message installing on a new Win11 pc without previous Corsair installations. Tried using the newest setup program version: iCUESetup_4.31.168.msi. Had Win11 local admin rights during the installation. Win11 has all updates by Microsoft. Have tried rebooting and installing again. Have run the Microsoft install troubleshooter without any hint of problems. What shall I do next?


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Are you trying to install from inside the app or using the downloaded installer from the Corsair downloads page?

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  • Corsair Employees

Make sure you are actually downloading the installer file and running it off your local disk. Attempting to run the installer as a temporary file, or from a network drive or cloud drive can result in weird errors when installing.

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