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H150i elite capellix pump failure

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 Hi.  I bought this unit and the pump fails.  It's not refrigerating.  I have created a ticket for its replacement but I have not received a response for 3 weeks.  Why is the process taking so long?  This service in the RMAs is not up to the mark.

Ticket (2005832117)

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More than 10 days and without any kind of message.  I understand that it takes time to resolve the problem but more than 10 days and without any news from the technical service is inadmissible.  I have not seen this on any other brand of hardware.

 I have already done many tests.  I have even tried the h150i on another pc with other components and the result is the same.

 Clearly the pump has gone wrong from the factory and the liquid is not circulating through the circuit.  This is solved in one hour of management since you have to do an RMA and they send me another h150i.  I have the work PC completely stopped due to this problem.





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Still no solution to the problem from corsair.  I see in the forum many failures of this h150i elite capellix model.  Has there been a bad shipment of devices? Poor quality control by Corsair?

Ticket (2005832117)

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Fixed after Corsair sent me a new unit.  The pump had come bad from the factory.  Good solution but it has taken more than 2 months.  You have to improve.

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