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Urgently need the OEM SPD file for ddr3 8gb pc3-12800 1600 mhz memory

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I have the Corsair Vengance 16gb memory kit (2 sticks of 8 gb ram )

model number: CMZ16GX3M2A1600C11

Someone changed the SPD file so that the speed doesn't exceed 1333 Mhz

Its sounds really bad but it only changes a few values in the SPD file. See attached image (High lighted hex code, in attached pic, is what I know is changed on mine, making it only 1333Mhz). There may be more values changed, but from my research, only 3 values changed is needed.

All I need is a screenshot, showing the original SPD file info. So, I can put mine back to the speed (1600mhz) that it should be.



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