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Corsair please fix this! (/w all murals)


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Corsair please fix this!

Please add a smother transition for the murals, as it can get vary flicker-y. What I mean is, whenever any color inside of any device changes it, INSTENTLY changes the RGB, meaning lots of change an cause a lot of flicker. Since I am a programmer, I have some ideas of how to fix this:

  • One of the simplest ways to fix this would be interpolate between the the colors. One way you could do this is to use LERP to smoothly transition between the two colors.
    • Pros: Easy to Program, Configurable, Fast
    • Cons: Cant set a precise Time/Length

There a a second problem still related to the first, where different lights will have completely different color's at different areas. (Also the colors looking incorrect)

  • A simple solution would be to just average the all to colors contained in the device's area. This would almost make it act like the solid color layer but the color being the average. (this can also work as a more obscure way of simi-solving the last issue)
    • Pros: Easy To Program, Solves 1 1/2 issues in one, Fast
    • Cons: May look weird /w some devices (like keyboard)
  • Another similar solution would be the same thing, but localized to a smaller AOE. An example of this would be a key on a keyboard, or a triangular slice on a fan (starting at the center, going thought the RGB), i.e. Whatever section RGB LED affects, that section the averaged and the LED set to the color of the average.
    • Pros: Similar to what is is now, works /w all devices
    • Cons: More complex

Finally, EVERTHING would be configurable, as we really need more options /w this stuff.

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