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RAM r/w test failure


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One of the memory modules on our PC is failing. PC starts fine with just one but not with the one I suspect is faulty. I downloaded and ran the Memtest86+ program with the faulty ram, the test yielded several errors - too many to count. I don't know what else to try please help.




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The link on How To Read the Memory Label does not give any information.

is there another place I can look for it?

Mother board:ASUS model P4P800 SE

CPU: 3.4Ghz

I have AMI bios 1008.015 Build date 2/17/05

performance mode: auto

AIoverclock tuner: standard

FSB speed: 800MHZ

Max CPU ID Value Limit: disabled

Mem accelerator mode: auto

dram idle time: auto

dram refresh rate: auto


RAM lot#0436088-0

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There is only one label. It states as follows:


Value Select

VS512MB400 LOT0436088-0


There is no other text on it. There are not other labels on the stick of ram.


Each chip vas the following text:



VS32MB-5 PS1300436


"CORSAIR" is printed on gold letters on the stick

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