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iCue and Virtuoso combo issues

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Dear Corsair,

Sorry to say it again after so many before me have said it already, but this headset is a gift that keeps on giving...

On its own it works perfectly fine. However if I install iCue, things start to go south. I STILL have issues with the mic. Right now I cannot get any sidetone no matter what I do. This is an issue I already have been complaining about MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO. It's ridiculous that I still have to.

Also the audio driver somehow seems to bug out sometimes, or work in a strange way. What I mean is sometimes if I turn off or on the headphones the game freezes. What's more the whole PC freezes, even Windows itself. Sometimes it gets so bad that even if I open the playback or recording devices tabs in windows settings it takes like half a minute to load. Uninstalling iCue have always solved this kind of behaviour every time it appeared. Otherwise the system is fine and fast, responsive, with not too old HW.
There were times when I started to have terrible stutters in games without any obvious reason. Guess what, It turned out I only had them with the Virtuoso turned on. I uninstalled iCue and used the headset in its native form, and the surprise-surprise: the stutters completely disappeared.

Tbh I just can't get my head around how can you make a software product that can F up my whole gaming experience and even Windows itself that is at the same time a vital part of using a hardware I bought. WHY? Because the headset can't even store any default light preset, so without running this stinking pile of garbage the lights are on 100% white and drain the battery very fast.

I have even accepted the situation long ago, disassembled the headset and disconnected the RGB lights just to be able to NOT use iCue and have a usable battery life at the same time, but now  I have a corsair keyboard too. So I either open iCue and have no sidetone, or close iCue and have no custom RGB on the keyboard. Funny huh? Well, if I sum up the price of just these two products, not so much... And the stutters/lags haven't even started yet, I just installed iCue, so I am waiting for that too.

Please, if you have any advice on how to use this software in a way that just works, without constantly causing me inconvinience, don't keep it a secret!

Thank you for any help, or even just considering my issues for future fixing.

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