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Have a bad 512MB DIMM on GA-7DXR

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Looks like I have a bad 512MB PC-2100 Corsair DIMM.


My computer has the following motherboard: GigaByte GA-7DXR with Athlon XP 2400 CPU.


I have 2 256MB chips (also from Corsair) and work flawlessly.


As soon as I get this defective 512MB DIMM on the motherboard I start having occasional reboots and some of the programs start mysteriously fail.


I tried to install this DIMM on the motherboard in different combinations - only by itself, with other DIMMS, in the different slot, etc. - the result is always the same.


I did run the MemTest which didn't find any problems.


Please advice what should I do next.


Thank you for your help!



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