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RMe Series - RM1000e Power Supply - AC Replacement

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Recently, I purchased the RMe Series - RM1000e Power Supply from my local Best Buy for my new build and everything was great. However, I've misplaced the AC cable that goes from the wall to the PSU. I've looked all over for it and cannot seem to find it, so I'd like to buy a replacement. Although, when I entered the site to find where I could buy one, it seems that you can purchase a replacement of every cord type but the AC cable. 

Could someone help me find the page where I can purchase a replacement AC cable? 

Furthermore, I've read on numerous sites that you can really use any AC power cable so long as it can support 1000w. On the other hand, I've also heard a lot of experts say no to mix brands or not to buy universal cables and to stick with the ones that the company provides you. 

Is this correct? Am I not able to buy a universal cable, or rather use the one that I've been using for my current build? Does it have to be a Corsair specific cable? 

Thank you. 

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never mix the cables on the output side, that plugs to the PC components.

But for the AC side, you can use just about any AC cable of course as long as it's a sufficient wire gauge

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