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Right SATA cable to power Lighting Node Pro?


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I seem to be struggling understanding what I can use and what I can't use when it comes to powering my RGB lighting.  Ok, so basically I have an RGB 5000x case, and I have recently purchased the Lighting Node Pro so I can glam it up some more.  My PSU is a CS550m, and other than the MB cable, it has a Sata connector that goes to my GPU, and another one to which I have 3 components connected - I don't have anymore ports to use.  The 3 components are the built in Lighting Core, my SSD and my front fans.  

Obviously that is quite limited, so I am looking at getting another cable or replacing the one I have so I can run more components in the future, but also so I can have my lights all singing and dancing right now.

What sort of cabling am I looking at?  Does it have to be a corsair cable, or can I use another brand?  Also I've looked and there doesn't seem to be any information on what the other ports on the back of the PSU are specifically for, so looking for some advice on that too.

Appreciate any help

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I am struggling to find any detailed pics of that PSU, but it appears to be a 4 cable out design.  The big fat one is for the MB.  Then you have two 8 pin wires for CPU/GPU power requirements.  The last socket is for the SATA and based on the technical description it is a 6 plug ribbon.  SATA connectors are wide and flat.  It's what you use to power your drives.  The built in Lighting Node Core on the 5000x uses one.  I doubt you have 5 drives, so hopefully there are some left often.  If there are only 3 flat connectors on the current one, is there another in the PSU box/bag?  


If not, the best compromise is probably to drop the front fan PWM wires from the small PWM hub in back and move them to the motherboard fan headers for control.  You can then use the SATA connector for the powered hub to run the Lighting Node Pro.  

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I solved it, as I solve most things in my life - walking away, thinking, and walking back.  I found a bunch of unboxing vids and as I suspected the PSU came with 2 sata cables, 1 with 3 ports and 1 with 2 - I had the 3 one, but I couldn't find the other one - all my old component boxes are in the loft, nicely organised - or they were.  I eventually found the other cable, I had put it in my MB box for some reason, probably because I didn't require it in my old case.

So anyway, I'm all fixed up - and lessons learned.  Lateral thinking is always required. 

Thanks for the reply.

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