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Hi guys and gals.  I'm very new to windows gaming for my kid.  I have prob some simple questions.  His rig is pretty much all corsair.  It's a build from origin.  all peripherals are corsair.

specs if this matters (apologize if some stuff is missing): and rysen 7700, Asus prime motherboard, 64 gb dominator 5600 ram, msi branded 3080, Operating NVme drive is a 990 samsung. steam is installed on operating system hard drive but steam games are on a NVMe Samsung 990 drive

keyboard wired

mouse wired

hs100 stand with hs80 headset

the 700 mat

1. when gaming should he not have a lighting profile running? should we just have all lights off? or dos it not matter.  we have noticed during 2 steam games that the keyboard and headset stopped working.  sometimes the lights on keyboard or mat get messed up for the set profile.  so I didn't know what is best practice?

thanks so much,

sorry if this is very basis.  I'm just trying to learn so he is running as efficient as possible but getting him enjoy the rig cause he digs all the lights and fans. lol



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