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4000x fans are lit but not showing on ICUE

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Assuming you are referring to the fans that came with the case and not additional things you've added...


The 4000X has a small "Lighting Node Core" device that is the RGB controller for the front 3 SP-Elite fans.

1) It needs a SATA connection from your PSU for power.  If the fans light, this is good.

2) It needs a USB 2.0 internal connection so the software and device can communicate.  No USB, no device in CUE.

3) Once the Lighting Node Core shows in CUE, you must tell the controller which fans are connected in the "Lighting Set-up" tab for the device.  You have SP-Elite which are "8 Series LED fans" (way at the bottom of the list) and  x3 fans.  This will create the proper user interface in the "Lighting Effects" tab where you can add lighting.


"Lighting Effects" are you normal CUE running, software controlled effects for normal use.  "Hardware Lighting" is a simple effect saved to the device when CUE or the OS is not running, like boot, shutdown, BIOS, etc.  

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What chipset is this?  AMD or Intel?

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The AMD x570 (and x470 with BIOS updates) had this problem.  It was related to chipset lanes and management.  There was a similar problem for some Z690 users with the same circumstances when Intel moved to PCI-e gen 4 for the first time.  Those boards often need physical help, either a powered USB hub or on the Z690 re-routing to USB 3.  


If none of that is in play, then you are likely looking for a simpler solution.  Make sure your MB chipset drivers are installed.  You also can try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB 2 from the bottom of the motherboard while powered on.  This sometimes helps with detection.  

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Typically these come from your motherboard vendor’s website.  In this case Omen likely has a product page for your build/order with links. 

You can also get it from intel directly. The chipset handled most usb traffic on the board. 



It’s pretty rare there is a physical problem with the usb wire, but it’s possible. Re-routing to the rear motherboard type A usb is another way around this. 

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