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Motherboard power cable extension


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Hi. I just bought the CORSAIR RM1000e and the 24 pin power cable that runs to the motherboard is a bit too short for my build. I was looking at extensions on amazon to buy but dont know much about extensions. Are extensions universal and safe for me to use? Or is there a specific extension I should be buying and looking for? Any help is appreciated! Thanks! 

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It can matter and not all PSU cables are configured the same way.  With 'generic' extensions it's hit or miss and be aware that a miss can be more costly than failing to start or shutting down hard.  Higher end cable makers will specify which PSUs it is designed to work with.  For cables like the 24 pin to the MB or your 8 pins to your GPU, I certainly think it's worth it to be sure.  Those cables carry the most power and connect to the most expensive components.  


Corsair also sells individually sleeved replacement cables.  Not sure how long you need.  The 24 pin appears to be 610 mm.


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Thank you very much for the reply. Appreciate it. It's a pretty big case, 7000D.  I really don't want to risk my system at all so I'm just going to try and make do with it as is. I would love for the 24 pin mobo cable to come from the side so that not much of it is showing when plugged into the board. But I don't want to fry out my hardware either with an extension to make it work. I choose safety over aesthetics. Trying to get this cable to work has already ripped off the rubber cable management strip because it's pretty big and very stiff, and now I'm trying to figure out how to reattach the rubber grommet.  This has been a pretty rough build for me with this corsair case and power supply cables. But in the end I'll make it work. 

Thank you for your reply and time. 

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Dont get me wrong, Im not complaining even though its been kind of rough on me build wise, this case is awesome. Im happy to have it. This is only my 5th build Ive ever done and its been a little bit of a challenge. But Im excited to finish the build.

Again thank you for all your valuable information. 

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