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Icue will not work until a reboot every time the computer enters the lock screen.


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This has been an ongoing issue for Icue software since it was made. Years people have complained about this and with every new version I hope there is a fix but there never is.

My computer goes into the lock state (not sleep) after 5 minutes of inactivity. The lights then go to hardware lighting, which is fine. However, when you enter back into Windows the keyboard will stay in hardware lighting mode and no amount of end tasking, reinstalling, etc.. will make it work again until the computer is rebooted. Then the lighting will work until the computer is idle for 5 minutes and it goes into the lock screen.

Is this just something that is truly impossible to fix? Doesn't matter if it's Windows 10 or 11 or what devices are being used. Does this on every computer it is installed on. 

Razers lighting comes back with no issues after lock screen.. in fact, it doesn't stop working during the lock screen. Mouse, firefly mat, keyboard, mic, etc.. etc.. all stay synched and in whatever lighting mode I put them in.

Corsair gaming keyboard and mouse will go to hardware lighting when in lock screen and then the icue software will stop functioning after logging back in. You can bring it up but the dashboard will be empty. No options for anything but sensors are present. Just profile selection and sensor info on Home screen and Dashboard is 100% empty. No other options. End task and running it again will just get you back to the same thing. 

I've seen countless other threads on this topic dating back years and all basically end with "too bad".

I mean, it's not the end of the world. Just would like to have the lighting to work without having to reboot the computer every time I step away from it. I've been resorting to just turning off the computer after I'm done with it and booting it back up so the lighting will work when I use it the next time. Not a huge deal but I prefer to leave the computer on. 

If anyone out there has any idea on what might fix this, you will be solving what has been the unsolvable issue going on multiple years now.

Again, I know this isn't a big deal. Just an annoyance. Would be nice to be able to use the lighting I setup though. I like Corsair products but I also like Razor products and I guess when it comes time to buy new peripherals on this computer I'll have to go with Razor like what's on my other computer unless someone can figure this out. I like this Corsair keyboard better than I do my Razor one but I haven't tried them all.



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I also have this problem but it happened after the screen rest. I have no idea how to solve the problem.
BUT,  I wrote a bat program and added it to "start"
The program is designed to make an auto reboot iCUE. So it is quicker than closing and starting it.

inside the bat file, there are only two commands.

@echo off

:: Kill iCUE
taskkill /f /im iCUE.exe

:: Reboot iCUE
start "" "C:\Program Files\Corsair\Corsair iCUE5 Software\iCUE.exe"

I hope there will be another solution. 

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