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hi, when trying to set a lighting profile with my vengeance rgb pro ram the color profile does not take. everytime i shut down i cue the profile goes to static color mode.

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There are two operation states.  When CUE is running you are in 'software mode'.  This is the full available set of effects and is set in the Lighting Effects tab for the RAM or any other device.  


When you quit CUE, shutdown, boot, BIOS, or any non-OS environment, then you are in 'Hardware Mode'.  This is a single lighting effect physically saved to the RAM so it can run without the software.  That limits the complexity of the effect.  You set this in "Hardware Lighting".


If your issue is not related to the basic user set up in the correct menu location, you'll need to be more descriptive about what is happening and show your lighting effects screen.

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

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