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h150i RGB Pro XT fans not changing spped

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System CPU at Idle around 58c. CPU Fan 4600 (approx.). As an aside, where does this number come from, iCue shows each of the three fans as around 750 rpm each?

I ramp up CPU temperature (Ryzen 7700X), hits the 95 temp and there is NO change in fans speed at all.

What am I missing?

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3 hours ago, OzGordon said:

CPU Fan 4600 (approx.). As an aside, where does this number come from

It's twice the value of the pump speed.  Fans and pumps don't count revolutions the same way and on some models the raw value is picked up in the BIOS.  That model has a divider of 2 to change it back into the actual pump speed.


For the temperature issue, take a look at the H150i XT temp in CUE.  This is the liquid temp and the best indicator of AIO functionality.  At idle, it should sit 4-7C or so above the room temp.  If you see a value of 45C or more, that means the liquid is not flowing around the cooler at the rate it should and that is an AIO problem -- usually terminal.


If your coolant temp is down near 30C but the CPU temp is riding at ~60C, then something is keeping it loaded.  Quit CUE to rule it out, then open the task manager and see if anything is using a high CPU %.  With CUE closed you also can use something like HWinfo to see very detailed information about specific core loading and total watts used by the CPU.  There have been a few game bugs floating around that cause one core and CPU package to stay locked at 100% after exit and it would resemble something like this.  

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Thanks c-attack, if this info was in the install manual, I didn't see it. But it was most helpful. 

Everything was as you said - BUT my CPU was getting hot. I removed pump and the applied thermal paste and put on my own.  Now it tracks better. 

Thinking of the pump as the fan clarified it for me. 

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