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Corsaire Virtuoso stop working in wireless mode after update

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Today I updated my iCUE software and headphones stop working in wireless mode. The microphone is blinking red and cant pair anything.

What i have done to this point:

  • iCue is updated to newest version (4.31.168)
  • My Headphones in USB mode are updated to newest version (0.17.149)
  • Dongle is updated to newest version (5.9.130)
  • K70 keyboard updated to newest version (3.24)



  • I repaired, reinstalled all iCUE nothing work.
  • I cant pair headphones by dongle this screen is forever no matter what i do


  • I cant pair by headphones in USB mode this is forever, nothing change:



I find similar topic did everything in this thread, there is admin sending some files to repair, can someone also help me with this case? https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/169547-virtuoso-wireless-not-working-any-more/page/1

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