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LT100 and video streaming

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I know it has been mentioned in at least the legacy forums that there are problems with copyrighted streaming services and ambient lighting but I haven't seen any progress updates to it and I also wanted to throw in my experience as well because it seems to be slightly different.

It seems that the windows 11 app for Hulu and some others will just simply not light the lights up while playing a movie. I am fine with this. However, Netflix app and website as well as some others will cause both my monitors to go completely black even though I hear the sounds. The only way to exit this is to spam Alt + F4 as soon as it happens (which also closes anything else I had opened). 

I would like to see Netflix at least interact with the lights as Hulu does and just simply not light the lights up.

Also, as a side note, there is no quick way to turn the lights off when plugged in through USB? Why? I have white and black desktop backgrounds and when I'm just doing desktop stuff I don't want bright white lights blasting me in the eyeballs. Point is why cant the button on the main base also turn off the lights when plugged in through USB.

In either case the quickest solution is to unplug the power from the lights before either activity and I don't think that is a good compromise from 2 light sticks that cost over $100. These would be nice quality of life fixes. Thanks for reading.

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