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iCue is worthy of a class action lawsuit

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This product is so faulty, time consuming, and down right painful to work with its worthy of suing the company to force it to either fix the software or get it stable and stop making it worse. I just had to go through like 15 steps to get a mouse working, because I tried using it in its wireless mode (Huge mistake, the damn thing can not track movements whatsoever every few seconds causing skipping and having it stay in one spot despite moving it physically) it then ceased to function when plugged back in with no changes other than the switch on the bottom. What first year grad student did you pay to make this program and why haven't they been fired?

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I created a community account JUST to reply to this thread. I had the SAME thing happen with my corsair mouse that is less than a month old. I come home, and my mouse would not light up and the mouse cursor disappeared off the screen. Now usually, I can just unplug my mouse, and plug it back in and it will reset it and light up. This time no go!!! Mouse would not light up, and mouse pointer not on the screen. I thought the mouse was dead. I reboot my computer into BIOS and my mouse still does not light up, but it works inside the BIOS. I boot into windows, and my mouse pointer is back, but the mouse still won't light up. So I reboot my computer a 2nd time, and low and behold there is some kind of update available in the iCUE software, so I downloaded it and so far no problems. My sister and I both built a brand new computer, and we each run iCUE and have corsair fans, mice, and keyboards. We hate the new "Murals" thing they added!!! It sucks, you can't control the lighting, the whole iCUE software is so confusing. We LOVE the way Corsair products look, but their iCUE software is just simply awful. There has got to be an easier way to control the lighting. And just when you think you have it figured out, they do another update, change the look of the whole thing, and then it's back to square one trying to figure the fck out how to control the lighting again. They really, really need to find a software engineer, or someone that can fix their mess of iCUE. I have spent more hours than I care to count trying to figure out the iCUE settings, and less hours of enjoyment from products that should just work. Especially since they are supposed to be one of the top premium brands of accessories, and they charge accordingly for them. I expect them to work, and I just keep getting disappointed.

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I will never be buying any more Corsair products. I have had only problems with this trash, and the worst part is they don't respond to anything on these forums. I bought all of this stuff new in spring, so it's not old.


1. iCue CONSTANTLY crashes. It crashes and freezees my computer while I am on the desktop, but for some reason never while a game was running. With the newest update it constantly crashes while I'm in a game.

2. My H100i Elite's coolant temperature will occasionally be stuck at a low temperature, causing the fans not to ramp up.

3. The LEDs on the ram will sometimes freeze and lose connection with iCue.

4. I have some LC100 triangle LEDs, which now one seems to be faulty, causing it and the ones connected to it to blink rapidly.

5. My mouse cursor jumps around the screen unless I set it to 4000hz or higher.

6. I have the Sabre RGB Pro, and I am scared to update the firmware on it because on the peripheral forum it is bricking it for other people.

7. I have had other problems in the past. I don't know if they are fixed or they just haven't happened again.

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With all the inconsistent issues the products are lacking features that were heavily advertised and therefore this would qualify for a class action lawsuit as there's more than enough evidence over the last few years alone to prosecute with. Technically this would fall under; False advertising, misleading marketing, breach of any warranty/sla when purchasing and using the product, and I bet we could find quite a bit of evidence supporting the fact that the software has likely lead to the damage of other components due to it failing and causing issues like showing a low temp when in fact the CPU/GPU was overheating. Easily in the 10's of millions for North America alone and its probably going to be EU that hits Corsair first.

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I agree TOTALLY.
Support and (wait for it ... "service" ) is lower than the component of CO2 in the atmosphere.
The supposed brilliant "iCUE" is an illogical dog of a thing that must have taken an hours work by the cleaner.
Accurate instructions are akin to Zenon in the atmosphere, and are wrong anyway.
In short, I am returning for credit my recently purchased - supposedly top end K100 keyboard and will NEVER buy Corsair again

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Keyboard_K100 RGB - as posted on AMAZON

PC to AMAZON  25 March 2023

Well built but GARBAGE.
1)  Three                                                     sticky keys that don't                           unstick
2)  The CAPS                                  button is too wide and thus WAY too close tothe A      key .... disruptive and frustrating to the max!
3)  The supposed      brilliant "iCUE" is an absolute PIG of a thing - not remotely user friendly
4)  The utterly GARBAGE instructions and misleading, inaccurate high level instructions      for assigning macros to keys
5)  The INABLILITY to download what appears to be important                      software to program the G keys - need to download "Elgato Stream Deck software"     that is completely irrelevant to a keyboard.
6)  The TOTAL LACK of ANY customer support - at least in a reasonable time frame (4 days and still waiting)       
SUGGEST:  Avoid Corsair like the plague             (and that's me being nice!)

Corsair useless advice.JPG

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