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ML RGB120 Elite not lighting up correctly

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I just got the ML RGB 120 Elite to finish off my case fans and when I plugged them into the lighting node core one of the fans would light up as if it were two fans. When I plugged them into my older lighting node pro them same issue happens. The lights work on all three fans and the fan that displays as two in icue changes depending on where the fans are plugged into. I have three ML120 RGB pro's that light up perfectly fine its just the new fans. Do I need to return the fans and get a new set or is it something I can fix? Attached is a pic of the icue setup as well as the fans.


Icue Set Up.png

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You don’t have a set of ML Pro fans. You have the ML-Elite that is an 8 LED fan vs 4 on the ML-Pro. Change the lighting setup to “8 LED fan series”, then set the proper number of fans. 

Don’t feel bad about this. It’s a common mistake and happens to everyone with SP-Elite fans too. Eventually, someone is going to realize we can prevent a lot of these by moving the 8 LED fan series choice to the top of the list. Most users never get to the bottom and jump on the ML-RGB or SP-RGB click bait on the way down. 

If you are mixing ML-Pro and ML-Elite fans on the same controller, then we may need to find a compromise based on total led count. Remember on most Corsair RGB controls the circuit is serial, so no skipping numbers on the ports. It must go 1-2-3 etc. If this is 3 Elite and 3 Pro on the same controller, my suggestion is you set it to “8 series LED fan x 5”. This will generate 40 LEDs as 8-8-8-8-8. You have 8-8-8-4-4-4. This will means ML pro 4-5 are each half of the 4th 8 led fan in the UI and the 6th is half of the last. There will be an empty last 4 LEDs, but that is unavoidable. 

It does not matter if you use the lighting node pro or the lighting node Core to do this. Results are the same. The LNP requires an extra SATA for the RGB lighting hub. The lighting node Core is the RGB lighting hub + controller. 

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