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I've built both motherboards inside the case, yesterday I took the leap and bought 4090 MSI ( beast video card ). I still have my old 3080ti that I can place it in the itx motherboard. But here the problem ( I think ), video card will fit. But my concern is that the video card being so close to the glass door. That it won't get enough air flow, plus the only time that the front three 140 fans are going is when my main motherboard is working. So when itx is operating the 240 aio cooler stuck on the back of the case, is only working. So leave the door open when operating the itx motherboard or rig one of the 140 fans ( somehow ) to blow on the card?



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Hi, can you do me a favor?!

Are tyou able to measure and tell me the size of the thumbscrew for SSD bracket on the 1000D?


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