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Corrshair hx850i PSU - FAN problem


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Hello Tech Support,

I have PSU model: Corrshair hx850i PSU  and my FAN stoped running when my PSU is hot,so sensor for high temperature is propably broken and my PC every 15-120minit shut down,because PSU is hot.

Do you have any idea how fix that ?

There is little  button for test FAN, that button working and my fan spinning, same when I start PC or turn off, Fan doing around 1spin.

I tried fix that with tape which still pushing that button,but Fan still spinning,same when I turn off my PC,Fan stop spining only when I turn off my PSU.
Exist any software where I can start this fan mannualy or some idea for fix? 

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the button is just to run a test routine, it's not a button to manually spin the fan.

It's a HXi so you can control it with iCUE. You should have a USB cable to connect the PSU to a USB2 header on the motherboard.

Even without iCUE, once connected to the motherboard, you can see the PSU temperatures on HWinfo for example.

Typically, the fan may kick in if the PSU goes over 60 - 65°C but it's hard to make it heat up, it's a platinum power supply.

It's possible your crashes are caused by something else. But do connect the PSU USB and see what the temperatures are.

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thanks, this is definitely problem with activating spin in psu,because I tested few time.Right now is 6days out without Shutting down PC, because that Test button is still pressed.

There is mini-USB connector which is connected with my motherboard.

Last time when I tested it, I played videogame around 2hours and when I touched PSU,was hot and FAN didnt spinning,of course,idk what temperature was psu,but then shut down my pc.

I checked that app iCUE and there is not possible turn ON FAN manually, only change his settings like when have to PC shut down,change his spin value from 20-100% etc. ,but  nothing about TURN ON.

or I miss something in this app ?



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There should be a "cooling" option under the PSU for fan control and a yellow + button to create a custom curve.  Once you do that, there will be a fixed RPM or PWM % choice that will allow you to demonstrate whether the fan is working/responding as it should.  

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yea there is Fixed option, I thought its fixed ,but still request heat for start spinn, hopefully not, I will test it again :), thanks.

btw: when I changed it,then app have to be still opened and running in background or can I close that app,taking me around 300mb from RAM

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on icue you can see the PSU voltages and temperatures. maybe have a look while playing to see how hot it gets.

Mine for example (HX1200i) has to exceed 65° and very heavy load for the fan to start spinning at very low speed. and it cools down immediately by 15°C.

65 may seem hot to the touch but for a PSU, it's still fairly cool and normal.


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