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Corsair Strafe RGB discontinued :(


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Refence the keyboard i am talking about: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboards/strafe-rgb-config-na/p/CH-9000227-NA

I am in a bit of a pickle. My corsair strafe rgb (Not mk.2) is on its way out and corsair has discontinued it and i don't feel comfortable buying a second hand keyboard (hygiene reasons etc). I bought the K70 RGB Pro keyboard and i set my crouch button in any game to 'C' so with the k70 RGB pro i press 'C' my thumb nicks the space bar everytime. Essentially the spacing between the keys feel a little bit smaller than the corsair strafe rgb for my hand and fingers the spacing with the corsair strafe rgb is perfect for my way of playing fps. I am just wondering if anyone knows any keyboard similar to the strafe rgb (Not Mk.2) that is also cherry red.

I've researched long and hard (thats what she said) for a keyboard that is similar to the corsair strafe rgb (Not mk.2) and so far no luck. I feel like i wasted money on the k70 pro. If i could get another strafe i would. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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