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what does the red flashing on the cooling fans mean?

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It is an alarm state where the pump firmware "thinks" it may be overheating.  On boot, stop in the BIOS and look at the CPU temp.  If the pump was not actually running, you would see the CPU temp skipping upwards at a quick and steady pace.  It is more likely the CPU temp is dead steady and this is another one of these false alarm issues.


Power down the PC and flip the PSU off.  Now disconnect the power cable from the Commander Core to the pump, then make sure you re-insert it firmly with the white stripe aligned.  The cable can be finicky and a lot of the alarms are the result of a very slight imperfection on the connection.  Now go back and flip on the PSU and start normally.  The PSU power cycle forces the Commander Core and pump to do a deep restart on the next power on.  Hopefully this clears it up.  If not, you likely need to contact Corsair Support or exercise your exchange options with the vendor.  

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