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K70 PRO RGB Stains

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Hello everyone,


I bought a K70 PRO RGB on BestBuy two weeks ago, but I found a piece of a grease stain on a very conspicuous place, I tried various methods to clean it up but it didn’t work, so I applied to Bestbuy for a replacement, but in the second one I have the same issue(Image attached).


Then I went to BestBuy and did an exchange AGAIN, and the new one has the SAME PROBLEM. There are two lines-like stains on the board, I tried as many as I could to clean it but they're still there(Image attached).


I tried to contact customer service but it's been a week and I haven't heard anything back.


I have no idea what is going on with their quality control, 80%of my equipment are corsair, and I really like K70 PRO but this really disappointed me.


If anyone knows how to clean these stains please help me!!!


Thank you so much!





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