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K57 Murals Problems


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Hello, I have a K57 RGB Wireless along with a Dark Core Pro. I now had to realize that murals on the K57 only work if I connected the keyboard via USB. With the Dark Core, the selected scene remains regardless of whether it is connected via USB or not, but with the K57, the scene changes there when I disconnect the keyboard from USB. I also no longer see the K57 in murals when I disconnect it from the USB, but it is back in when I connect the USB. Does anyone have a tip where I have a mistake?

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Specifically for wireless keyboards, there is apparently too much data to pass through the wireless connection and they are not going to work with murals in wireless mode. The Dark Core mouse has just a couple of lighting zones in comparison to the 100+ on the keyboard. There are a couple of official responses scattered around that mention this and I believe this limitation is for the wireless keyboards only. 

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