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This topic may have been talked about or even answered but I could not find it. 

Why did Corsair remove the "Scenes" and replaced it with "Murals" Beta? I hate it and want to switch back. I can no longer use the default favorites like "Rainbow Spiral" and "Rainbow Wave"

Yes they are still under the hardware options, but the hardware option only activates when I completely close iCUE. The new features of "Abstract", "Interstellar", "Liquid", and "Rainbow" are all trash and I do not want them. Please bring back the old Scenes version of iCUE. 

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  • Corsair Employees

All the effects in the SCENES are our standard lighting effects that you can still set to be used, even with iCUE running. You can either set your desired effect per device by utilizing the PRESET options in the LIGHTING EFFECTS tab as shown in the first screenshot below. Or if you wish for the effect(s) to be linked across all devices you can use the same presets but in the LIGHTING LINK preset options and shown in the second screenshot.


The SCENES feature just allowed for a quick on-click option that by default applied to all devices but these software lighting effects have always worked on a per device basis as shown in the screenshots.


Hardware Lighting is for the lighting you wish to set to the keyboard when iCUE is not running.




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