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Virtuoso SE Headset Dongle Firmware v.? (It shows a question mark instead of the firmware code, it also shows a red warning sign that says that it wasn't able to connect it)

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After 3 months of waiting still no update from the support.  The headset itself is a good conversation starter as to how poor the customer service of this company. It is a brandnew headset by the way, wireless capability only worked for 2 hours after purchase because their software forced me to update my headset and its dongle. Using the heaset until now hardwired to my PC which is very contradictory to the reason I bought it in the first place. My cheap  wireless headset made from China is far superiror than this expensive trash. plug and play no headaches whatsoever works as it should be. I got fooled by marketing campaign of this company advertising that their products are topnotch.



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What exactly are you plugging the wireless receiver into?

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