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Safe to move to iCUE 4 with Sabre RGB now?


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When they announced iCUE 4 in March 2021 it was specified that Sabre RBG would not be supported.

I thought I would have to stay with v3.38.88 as long as my mouse is functionnal.

Today when I clicked to look for update on iCUE3 it started downloading iCUE4 while this wasn't the case previously as it was looking for v3 updates only. I cancelled that and went to see if anything had changed and to my surprise I found out within the v4.22.203 Release Notes that the Sabre RGB is now supported.

I just want to make sure it is safe to move to iCUE4 with that mouse.

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All of the legacy devices are now supported in CUE 4. While you don’t have to update to make the kb/mouse work, CUE 3 stopped development two years ago so any new products since then will work not with cue 3. It also means it won’t get new updates or features and eventually it may no longer work with newer versions of Windows. 

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