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RAM seems to be dead and requires RMA... But I've moved countries...

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Hi all,

I'd been running a matched 2x16GB set of DDR4 Vengeance LPX in my PC for only about 3 years of fairly seldom use when one of the sticks suddenly crapped out on me in July this year.

I confirmed it was just one stick that crapped out as I:

1) Changed the motherboard and CPU and got the same issue

2) Tried both sticks in various combinations in both slots on the new motherboard. Only one stick works, regardless of which slot it's in, and putting the other stick in causes the PC to hang on a black screen once turned on (doesn't even POST).

Since I bought the RAM, however, I've had to move from my native UK to Japan. I'm currently in the UK for the holidays, while my PC (and the RAM modules) remains in Japan

Unfortunately, I was so busy that I couldn't RMA it, and considered buying some replacement RAM here in the UK, but, of course, I don't want to spend more than I should.

I know the RAM has a lifetime warranty, but does this apply if I move countries?

Also, if I were to ship the RAM for RMA purposes, would I have to cover postage? Or does Corsair send me a prepaid label? And where would that postage be to? Does Corsair have a Japanese RMA handling centre?

If I have to spend $50 sending it back to the US and wait months for a replacement... It'd be less painful to just pick up a replacement set whilst I'm here in the UK (where RAM is cheaper than Japan) and take it back with me.

If someone from Corsair could advise me that would be helpful.


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