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13 rgb fans config?

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I'm in the process of buying parts for my build and when I started I decided to go for 10 LL120 fans 3 intake front, 3 intake on the side, 3 exhaust for the radiator and 1 exhaust in the back but now I came across the fact that I could do a push/pull on the radiator and so add 3 more fans to the existing 10. The problem I am having is that I don't quite get how I should wire them all up using one commander pro given it only has 2 usb ports and I would need 3 rgb hubs with 6 ports for the 13 fans. Unless it would be alright to use different fans for the push/pull, I'm talking 3 LL120 for push and 3 SP120 Elite for pull since I already have 2 SP120 Elites from the case and they're not rgb and both models have similar RPM. 

Thank you.

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