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H45 Liquid Cooler


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Just a basic question about the H45.
I recently opened a new product from the box.
But I didn't notice if there was liquid inside the pump or radiator. I shook the product a little bit and it didn't seem to have any liquid in it. That's right?

Unlike my H80i, just by changing the position a little, you can even hear the liquid flowing between the pump and the radiator.

Then I got worried. Can anyone confirm for me if it should make the same noise if you change the radiator/pump angle on the H45?


Thanks in advance!

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Technically, it should be filled to the point that you don’t get any water movement. You don’t want air in the unit. A five year old H80i is likely to have some sloshing. While the tubes are branded as “low evaporation”, over the long term there is some inevitable loss of fluid. 

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