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Setting up 10 fans with NXZT z73


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So guys this is my first time building a PC and i’m very confused on how this would work. I have 7 corsair fans right now along with a z73 liquid cooler. I want to use corsair fans with the z73 so I can have the same RGB ecosystem. I am in the process of buying 3 more corsair fans for the z73 but i don’t know which ones to get and i don’t know if i can set everything up with what i have.

What I have:

3 SP RGB Elite Fans 120mm

4 QL RGB Fans 120mm (3-pack and 1 single)

Commander Core XT

iCue 5000x RGB Case

Nzxt kracken z73

What I’m getting:

3 ML RGB Elite fans or 3 SP RGB Elite fans (Please tell me which one is best to replace the fans on the z73)


With what I have/getting will I be able to set up and control the speed and RGB of all 10 corsair fans?


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I would lean to the ML-Elite as the radiator replacement fans. That is their design intent and they have a higher max speed than the SP-Elite, in case it’s needed. ML-Elite and SO-Elite are RGB identical (8 center hub LEDs) so that of the choice does not matter. 

Commander XT can take 6 RGB fans. You need one more RGB controller to take the remaining 4. I think you already have that in the QL 3 pack (lighting node Core), so you can get the ML-Elite as singles or a triple based on price. 

Commander XT can do 6 PWM fan ports. Assuming the Z73 has its own internal fan controller, the PWM wire from the ML-E go there.  You can accommodate the last fan by using any standard 2 way PWM splitter. Pair any two fans from the front panel. The other option would be to get an inexpensive PWM hub (a powered splitter). These are usually less than $20 and use one header on the Com XT for speed control. You would put all three front or side fans on this. This is technically a safer method of doing the 7, but one PWM splitter should not be an issue. 

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