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Flash Voyager not recognized


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I bought a 512MB Flash Voyager in January from Tiger Direct. Not long ago, it started to get flaky--only mounting if I held it in the port just right. Then it started to give me errors saying it wasn't formatted. I was able to use a data retrieval program to get the data off of it and format and rebuild it, but it happened again the next day. After doing that a few times, it doesn't work at all, though fortunately I had the presence of mind to also keep a copy of my data elsewhere. The little blue LED doesn't light, I get no USB notifications, nothing. Other USB devices work on my computer and I have the most current firmware and drivers for my motherboard. I've also tried the drive on three other machines with the same result: nothing. I took it back to Tiger to see if they'd help me, but it was passed their 30 return policy. What can I do? Thanks in advance for the help. Oh yeah, I'm running Windows XP Pro.
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